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Of Beginnings and Ends

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·Jan 21, 2022·

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IMG_20220118_105238.jpg Many people think they are writers. Others shun the idea, they see nothing they can offer in writing. The former works like a cult, the latter a herd of pessimists.

Which leaves us with this other group supposedly sandwiched in between the two aforementioned groups - they can write because they have done so excellently well in the past, and yet they haven't lost the urge to put their thoughts on papers, but they despise being referred to as a "writer".

My funny test of checking if I was a "writer" was trying to Hemingway myself into writing a lengthy paper while drowning in red wine. Well, till today the only thing I can remember about that day was me being told the next morning that I slept like a > freaking bat. No kidding. My legs were way up on the wall.

After then, I have ghostwritten papers on Education, Nursing, Cyber security, Medieval Arts, Economics, among many others.

Why should you care about all this details?

It's because during conversations with many other people in tech, I can't help but see how very limited our knowledge is of other fields - and that can make conversations very boring easily.

"Tell them to pick up a book"

Personally, I did - about 70 books in the last 3 years. But then, not everyone has the fortitude to do so. And this is not a book club! No tea cups please Which is why I started this blog, so that I could post about the new things I've learnt about other fields or even the role of tech in those other fields.

This is not a Tech DIY blog, or one of those How-to blogs, I think we have more than enough on the Internet already.

Now, you might know more than me about those subject areas, I'll gladly welcome you contributing to public knowledge by sharing it in the comment section.

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